Welcome to Early Bells

Welcome to Early Bells, Pakistan's leading Montessori Schools chain, generously supported by the British Montessori Council (BMC). Our aim is to provide a nurturing environment that fosters the holistic development of young minds. At Early Bells, we believe that every child is unique and deserves an education that caters to their individual needs. Our Montessori method, renowned worldwide, ensures that children not only learn but thrive in a setting that respects their natural development.


Why Early Bells?

Practical Life Skills:
  • Activities that teach children everyday skills and independence.
Affiliated with the prestigious BMC:
  • Ensuring our methods and curriculum meet international standards.
Comprehensive curriculum:
  • A well-rounded program that includes academics, arts, physical education, and life skills.
Experienced and trained staff:
  • Our educators are highly qualified and passionate about teaching.

Our Vision

To cultivate a love for learning in every child, laying a strong foundation for lifelong education and personal growth.

Our Mission

To provide a supportive, enriching environment where children can develop their full potential. We aim to nurture independent, confident, and compassionate individuals through the Montessori method.

Why the early education is most impotant ?

Early education is crucial because it lays the foundation for lifelong learning and development. Here are a few key reasons:

Brain Development:

The early years are critical for brain development. During this time, the brain is highly plastic and forms neural connections rapidly, influencing cognitive, emotional, and social skills.


Early education provides opportunities for children to interact with peers, learn social norms, and develop important social skills such as sharing, empathy, and cooperation.

Cognitive Skills:

Early education introduces basic concepts of literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving, preparing children for formal schooling and enhancing their cognitive abilities.

Emotional Development:

Early education helps children understand and manage their emotions, build self-esteem, and develop resilience.

Long-term Benefits:

5. Research shows that children who receive quality early education are more likely to perform well academically, have better health outcomes, and succeed in their careers.


Early education can help reduce disparities by providing all children, regardless of their background, with a strong start in life.

Earlybells Expertise

Certified and trained teachers

21+ Years of experience

5 lakh+ students nurtured

35,000+ hours curriculum research

Our Pre-school Programs

With age-appropriate stimulation, and the right balance of learning and fun, we encourage their curiosity and fuel their creative side.



2 to 3 years

Discovery and exploration, language development, new-age skills, and shaping scientific mindset.

Play Group

Junior Montessori

3 to 4 years

Enhancing interaction, cultivating creativity and improving imagination through art and music.

Early Bells Senior Montessori

Senior Montessori

4 to 5 years

Age-appropriate learning and educational tools suited for individual pace.

Early Bells Advance Montessori

Advance Montessori

5 to 6 years

Developing vocabulary, attention span, reading and writing skills with innovative methods and preparing for primary school.

Pakistan’s First Safe School Network

CCTV Surveillance & Constant Monitoring

Adherance to Safety Regulations

360o Safety Certification & Regular Inspection

Background Verification Trained Staff & Teachers

Medical & Other Emergency Preparedness

Child-friendly Infrastructure, Classrooms & Play area